MAXDisplay for Agencies

Microsoft Audiences are an enduring, high-performing audience segment sought by the world’s largest brand advertisers. Now, with MAXdisplay by iPromote, your smaller budget advertisers can access these very same audiences.

MAXdisplay for Agencies lets you manage multiple client accounts, campaigns, billing, reporting and workflow all from your MAXdisplay dashboard. We invite you to submit an Agency Account request.

You are in Control

  • Exclusive agency toolset, giving control over multiple clients and campaigns.
  • Establish Advertiser and Agency User accounts to track workflows, budgets and activities.
  • Have a roll up view of all your account activity.

Access more Tools and Support

  • You can create IAB compliant web and mobile ads using MAXDisplay's One-Click AdCreator or upload your client creative directly.
  • With our tools you can create pre-orders and email these directly to your customers for real-time approval.
  • Access helpful training information and receive MAXdisplay Account Service Support.
  • Receive custom pricing for budgets of $2,000 per month or more.